Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Emotionally Trumped

It's been almost a month in Georgia, and don't let anyone tell you that kind of thing ain't overwhelming because it surely is. Back home various men with degrees would probably call me "catatonic" but here it's largely just culture shock. It's best not to write blogs in this state, so I'm told, but I've got some time to kill at the internet cafe so here it is.

I've had a lot asked of me at the school, though nothing I can't handle. It's just a lot of tutoring with a lot of eager minds that want to learn a lot of English. When you have that many eyes staring at you, relying on your knowledge of something inherent to you, you get nervous and insecure. What are grammatical rules, anyway? Surely they're important, but most of the time, I don't follow half of the ones that I have to correct these kids on. I guess on the plus side, my awareness and command of my native tongue are slowly improving. Now if I could just improve my Georgian...

On another note, I spent this past weekend in Kutaisi for a night and then Tbilisi for another. The ride between the two was about 3 hours, so in all I probably spent about 9 or 10 hours on those cramped little things over the course of three days. This weekend, a few of us are just going straight to the capital -- it's large enough to spend a few days seeing the sights. And taste the food, of course. It's a bit pricier in the city, but a friend from back home got me in touch with a local student who was an exchange student in Virginia a few years ago. She's agreed to hang out with us, and maybe if we ply her with good American (and some British) humor, she'll concede and play tour guide for a bit (and if you're reading this, Nini, I promise it'll be fun!)

It's hard to mask my exhaustion in my writing. One of the advantages of not having a set schedule is that days go by quickly, pushing me to the weekend when travel and friendship become more of a reality.


  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading through your blog. I'm teaching in Georgia too, in Tbilisi. I can totally sympathize with you on the exhaustion front. Feel free to check out my blog too. http://lettersfromgeorgia.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi, I'm glad that you're in Georgia,

    so good luck in teaching and enjoy your life here :)