Friday, August 27, 2010

YOU try packing for a year! (Subtitle: can I just leave now?)

I found out recently that it's incredibly difficult to pack when you don't know exactly when you're leaving. It shouldn't be. My date range was clear, so all I had to do was prepare for the nearest date (the 28th) and hope for the furthest (the 31st). Today, we were informed of our itineraries...kind of. Sure, it was a lot of fun to see some of my new Facebook friends post their flight information, but all I was told was that I'll get my specific information on Sunday, leave on Tuesday, and can only take a single checked bag. My worst fears have been confirmed.

The question, then, is as eternal as it is critical: duffel bag or traditional luggage? Both have their advantages and faults. Take the latter, for example. First of all, I have greater protection for my perishables, potables, and breakables. Then there are the wheels. Oh, the wheel, what an amazing and simple invention. The last thing I would want is to get weighed down at an airport.

On the other hand, the duffel is significantly lighter than the traditional luggage, which probably weighs in at about 10 pounds by itself. And I can throw it on my back which makes me more mobile, if a little slower. I think the duffel even has a little more space.

So which will it be? I'm not sure. Maybe I should pay some extra money and take both. One thing is certain: my days, hours, and minutes in the United States are numbered. And that's pretty exciting.

[edit -- for more information on how to actually pack, check out Carla's blog post hilariously titled Packpossible! A fellow Greenheart Georgia volunteer, Carla is clearly more prepared than I am. She's already put some things in her suitcase, for example.]

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