Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To rig and gig, or fly and buy?

Whew, that week mark is quite significant, when you know your adventure is looming within the frame of seven days. I am a latecomer to the party, having applied late, but I've joined Facebook groups, friended fellow teachers, and started research into exactly what I want to bring with me. A year of my life packed into a 50 pound suitcase. Either I have to rework laws of spatial physics to allow for everything I want and need to take, or I'll have to bring one heck of a carry-on.

Not pictured: my luggage.

In case you didn't know -- I sure didn't! -- the "Teach and Learn with Georgia" program is a pretty big deal in Georgia. According to another blog in the Greenheart community, it's actually been featured on Georgian television. Our orientation packet even warns us to be prepared for media presence at the airport in Tbilisi. Talk about being an ambassador to a reemergent culture. Kimberly Berls can tell you all about what the Georgian government is doing here. It's quite a responsibility for us all, but from the discussions on Facebook, I've gathered that this is an enthusiastic and excited group of people ready to participate in a wonderful opportunity.

I have a tremendous amount to do, a number of people to see, and stuff to sell. The title of this post, and I know you were wondering, refers to a conundrum involving my guitar. Specifically, I am debating whether or not to pack it up and take it with me, or leave it here and invest in an inexpensive guitar in Georgia. I know this is may seem out there, but shipping a guitar is rough on the instrument, and I don't want to risk damage.

Hopefully my itinerary will come tomorrow!

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