Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One last time, from the College

How William and Mary doth bustle with activity on this, the great First Day of Classes. So many of my now-Senior friends have expressed excitement about their Last First Day of College, though many will go on to higher education. Still, it is monumental to think of a culmination of years of hard work in a place so welcoming and yet so challenging. Live it well, my friends.

And here I sit, in the Daily Grind, one of William and Mary's greatest hipster refugees, yet with distinctly less scenester and more Faulkner, particularly near exam time. The scent of coffee is not altogether strong here, though the dude behind the counter has gauged ears, a deep V and a big knit hat. Why not? After all, the temperature has dipped back into the double digits today. I've never spent a lot of time at the Grind. To tell you the truth, I've never felt quite "hip" enough (do these effing kids still use that expression? I'll have to compensate to be sure. Kei$ha! The Flaming Lips! Blogosphere!). But it's nice, has good coffee, and occasionally one of my friends will pass through, chat for a bit, and go back to panicking about some paper I'm sure. Ah, to be one of them.

I will miss this place, one that has been easily accessible over the past four years. There are so many good people here, who have many good things ahead of them. May your year be bright, William and Mary. Try not to take too many heavy books into Morton, it might sink.

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