Monday, August 30, 2010

Last-minute packing

My itinerary finally came in this morning! I had an uneasy night, waking up every few minutes starting around 6am, like a kid on a particularly nerve-wracking Christmas Eve, waiting to get an email on my Blackberry. That email finally came around 9am!

...saying I was to leave from JFK at 11:30pm on Tuesday.

I live in Virginia. JFK is in New York City.

I was a little concerned.

Of course, it was all sorted out. I have a ridiculous itinerary. I arrive at JFK around 12:30pm tomorrow, and have an 11-hour layover in the Big Apple. I fly out near midnight, to get into Istanbul at 5pm local time. It's a ten hour flight--and I'd rather be loaded with downtime then suffer anything longer than ten hours in the air. I may wind up eating my words. After six hours in Turkey, I'll fly into Tbilisi, touching down at 3am local.

Clearly, I'm gaining a few hours here and there. My trip time spans something like 25 hours, but it'll be more like 32 to 34 with the time changes. Georgia is eight hours ahead, set your clocks accordingly!

Packing is coming along nicely, as it should the night before I leave. I still have so much to do, including dinner with my family, and a quick last-minute visit to Williamsburg. I'll be up late, exhausted in the morning, and totally out of it by the time I finally hit Georgia.

I've got pants, shirts, shorts, socks, scarves, a winter coat, shoes, books, gifts, cables, toiletries...but as long as I cover the essentials, everything else will fall in to place. I'm done worrying about it. I'm ready for the ride, for a new adventure, for something totally new.

From what I can gather from other teachers already in Tbilisi, I should have internet access at some point. I'll be blogging, of course, and facebooking. Skype may even be in order!

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