Saturday, August 21, 2010

Why'd they have to name it GEORGIA?

The day you get accepted to something after graduation, be it a job, grad school, or program is a truly remarkable, life-changing day indeed. Or so I've been told.

I've been told that there's a certain amount of celebration, a veritable soirée if you will, when that phone call comes in. Tears are shed, phone calls are made, and, perhaps most importantly, Facebook statuses are updated. Elation is a word that gets thrown around a lot.

It's been over 3 months since I graduated, and man, have I sent out some résumés. And applications. And phone calls. And I finally got accepted to something. Check it. The Republic of Georgia? When you first say this to someone, they probably laugh and say something clever about peaches. Nope, it's that little country below Russia.

It's really nestled amongst countries that people are generally either a) afraid of or b) totally unfamiliar with.

Yeah, that's a yearlong contract I've signed up for, teaching ESL to kids in a public school (in the Imereti region, if I'm not mistaken). You're probably thinking I was totally elated when I found out I was accepted. Well, not exactly. For me, the decision to leave was a long and difficult one. I spent several days just considering the impact of leaving everything I have here behind and travelling to a country in a part of the world I have never been. And I won't even be able to speak the language! (At first, that is...)

But really, it was inevitable that I would accept. From the minute that application was sent off, I felt that it was going to happen. It's exactly the kind of thing I was looking for. Just before I found the job (via Idealist), I had posted a status on Facebook to this effect: "Anybody know of some program I could find that would take me away for like...10 months?" BAM. I find this listing, and while it's technically a yearlong commitment, I will be involved from September to June. Ten months!

So, I'm restarting this blog. And while my adventures to Guatemala were not well chronicled (in blog form, at least, but I took a good number of pictures), I should have slightly more reliable internet access in Georgia. I depart on August 30th, but will blog a few more times before I go. Don't you want to know what I'm going to PACK?

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