Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There is a hotel directly behind our house, called Hotel Aaculaax (pronounced ah-coo-lash). Dense bushes stretch around our house and up into Aaculaax's bungalows. The hotel also has a small open-air restaraunt right behind our hotel, and the bushes stretch out very close to the tables.

Now, these bushes attract a very large, loud, and rather brash species of hummingbird (or colibrí). I have never before heard a hummingbird chirp, and I have certainly never had two of them fly so close to my face that I could feel the wind blowing off of their frantically beating wings. Seriously, these birds are insane. The wildlife around here seems pretty used to people. One day I saw 5 lizards as I walked to the school. Awesome.

Erek and Maurene are off tomorrow. I'm looking foward to showing Andrew around; I also just hope he survives the 4 hour bus ride!

More than anything, I want a hamburger. They serve them here at Blind Lemon's, but we have yet to dine here. I think I might hold off, and make that first hamburger in the states all the more savory.

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  1. nice stuff on the hummingbirds, could feel the fanning against my face ... hamburgers: we had one just a couple of days ago, so plump and ketchupy and with pickles and sesame seeds, yum ... oh, sorry, don't want to weaken your resolve ...