Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The beginning

I´ve been here five days. There, we got that awkwardness out of the way. The cafe I am sitting in is called Blind Lemon´s, owned by an older gentleman from North Carolina who makes no attempt to speak his Spanish with an accent other than ''Southern.'' He plucks out tremendous blues riffs on a faded but beautiful acoustic guitar, and his elderly dog (Lab, probably) slumbers next to the six computers nestled along the wall. The connection is slow but it serves its purpose.

The cafe is a ten minute, severely uphill walk from the three story house we are living in. Our main problems with the trip have stemmed from various things in the house simply ''not working,'' much to our dismay. Everything else is incredible. We have met all kinds of people in this Guatemalan Mecca of sorts, ranging from the indigenous (speaking a local language which I will look up and put in my next post), the Guatemalans (who speak Spanish, mostly), and the rest of us foreigners who butcher both languages regularly. Everyone speaks Spanish, and to get around without it, while possible, is not the ideal situation.

The food, we have found, is incredible. Because there are so many expatriots from Europe and North America, we get a variety of local and foreign foodstuffs at very local (read: cheap) prices. I had curried chicken at a local restaraunt called Paco Real, which is run by an incredibly amiable older British gentleman with fascinating stories to tell and a real investment in the community.

I have had a dozen other experiences already, but for fear of using up the last of my 18 minutes, I will end this post here with a couple of notes. Check back here regularly and I will update at least once every 2 days.

Two things:

--The internet here costs money, so I will only be able to post but so often. It´s cheap but I can´t spend a lot of time on it.
--I´m using a Spanish-language keyboard, which has apostrophes and colons in strange places. Therefore, please excuse strange punctuation errors. Chalk it up to culture shock

¡Hasta luego!

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  1. huh, surely I posted here yesterday, don't see it, well, to repeat, thx for great description of Blind Lemon, computers blues old dog Southern style Spanish & all, nice writing & yr readership clamors more more - it's so good to hear the experience is amazing, we miss you but we are excited for you - sorry to miss your call last night, at work we have been put on 12 hour days 4 remainder of this test cycle - Kimberly's coming down today for dinner, staying over for church tomorrow, we will probably talk about you 1500 miles behind your back - miss you, write more!! - love, Dad