Monday, June 29, 2009

6 days to go...

With only a few more days left in Guatemala, I am left with a symphony of feelings. I am sad to be leaving soon, but happy to be returning to the States, to my family, to my wonderful girlfriend, and strangely enough, my oft-neglected guitar. I have been surrounded by music this whole time; most recently, Andrew's violin brightens the corners of our house, or at least when I get him to play something upbeat.

We lost power for about 20 hours between last night and yesterday. Thankfully, the majority of that time was spent sleeping and later working with Diego. Still, it was a little unnerving considering the amount of food we have in our refrigerator. I am happy to report that not much was lost, except for a few wanton leftovers that needed to be pitched anyway.

Tomorrow, we get a free day. Schools resume on Wednesday, and I will have a precious 3 days to spend with the children, enjoying their company and their very rapid, comprehensive Spanish. I hope they don't forget me too quickly. I am not much for little kids; I find them loud and difficult to understand--doubly so in rapid Spanish. But even with the school closings, I have spent enough time with them to learn all their names, and some of the nuances of their personalities. I just wish that this school was in the states, where I could go back and visit often.

Well, that's all for now. It's getting dark and I need to head back home where Andrew and I will do dishes. But, honestly, I don't miss the dishwasher! Much.

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  1. Hey world traveler, your mom and I are pretty excited to be seeing you soon - Bar Harbor Maine is beautiful but it will be good to be home and eating your mom's cooking with you and Kimberly on Monday night. Here in Bah Hahbah the waterfront is peaceful at the moment but soon the dock welders down below will again commence their incessant compressor-driven grinder whining which continues every blinking moment of every blinking day the whole blinking summer until the tourists on the balconies above one by one clutch their heads and plop off into the harbor. This way they can re-sell your room. Love, Dad